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CLIXLR8 ONLINE offers you a free Download of the Wealthy Awakening System and Enter to Win $250 in Cash!

CLIXLR8 ONLINE is a content ranking strategy, content repurposing, reviewing and product marketing platform for product creators, product promoters and business owners interested in organic ranking for generating income from content monetization and other digital marketing strategies.

This content publishing system serves as an income generation platform that also serves as a engagement exchange for members to offer their feedback, insight and opinions on product experience and output.

Bloggers who output awesome and original content across multi-niche topics are all welcome to contribute to our content marketing initiatives.

CLIXLR8 ONLINE also serves as a search traffic optimization and lead generation tool for internet marketers seeking to drive better results by increasing sales, profit and R.O.I from traffic ad campaigns.

Currently we have over 200 keyword phrases ranking in the top 100 of Google search and the immediate plan is to rank all 200 keyword phrases in the top 5 of Google in the next three months.

Members interested in securing a backlink from pages with top 100 keyword phrases can capitalize on the opportunity on securing these keywords.

Each top 100 ranked keyword  will be optimized for page one ranking with the goal to establishing a top 5 position for each keyword.

All is required is for members to submit a sponsored post (for a small admin charge) to category of their choice and send targeted traffic to the post.

You can set your own traffic campaign or choose from among our DFY traffic solutions designed to bring you as much targeted exposure and leads as possible.

The ultimate objective of the CLIXLR8 ONLINE program for the immediate future is to generate a buyer search intent traffic flow of 100,000 organic search visitors a month.

Organic search visitors spend more time on site and usually offer a lower bounce rate than other kinds of traffic to any content driven website.

A set of key primary objectives to be achieved by 6/2021 are laid out as follows:

1. Achieve a top 5000 Alexa Rank
2. Increase domain authority 70+
3. Increase domain rating 70+
4. Increase page authority 40+
5. Increase URL rating 40+
6. Rank 1000 keyword phrases on page 1

All of the above objectives are achievable within a low degree of difficulty as the site now has 1'000s of links already indexed in Google improving on a strong off page SEO strategy helping each link to rank higher.

Activity Based Reward System

CLIXLR8 ONLINE drives user activity and user engagement by offering a user generated content system with a reward based model for compensating for their time spent carrying out activities onsite.

Users are awarded points for certain actions and site activities as listed below:
• Registering an account
• Logging in to site daily
• Referring affiliates
• Referring traffic
• Reading and engaging blog entries
• Commenting on blog posts
• Earn credits for reviewing links
• Sharing links to social media
Do not get this confused with low quality paid to click (PTC) website programs as our programs do not pay users for clicks driven by untargeted traffic.

Our reward system awards our members with points (or credits) that can be used for purchasing ad campaigns, guest posts and or exchange for cash.

Existing conversion rate is 1 CLX credit = $0.001 USD which will be adjusted accordingly as the site grows over time based on levels of membership, advertising revenue and site activities.

The more members and more activities the higher the conversion rate for CLX credits earned by members.

We already have a proprietary algorithm in place to determine the payout rate for credits earned as the membership and activities of the site increases.

The current cash out threshold for premium members is 100,000 CLX credits converted at a rate of $0.001 = $100.00 effective December 1, 2020.

Here's an easy method you can use to earn $100 by creating sponsored post content on our site:

Create a post at CLIXLR8 ONLINE and send 25,000 targeted visitors to your sponsored post and each visitor to your post will earn you 4 CLX credits totaling 100,000 credits you can cash in for $100.

Top tip for sending referral traffic to your guest posts:
"Simply create a video for example an unboxing, reaction, product review, trending topic video, add it to your sponsored post, drive traffic to your video post and earn from the traffic sent to your own videos."

Creating LSI Keyword Content

Creating  content for posting to CLIXLR8 ONLINE is simple and easy to do. Each registered member is entitled to submit their first guest for free each month and any additional guest posting is billed at $25 (90% off the standard pricing of $250.00 per guest post.

Members can purchase guest posts in bundles of 6, 15, 30 packs further steeply discounting the price you'd pay per unit for each pack purchased.

All content posted will be improved and optimized to boosts seo score and an indexed backlinking campaign set up to improve the overall organic search page ranking for the focus keywords.

Members with monthly premium subscriptions will benefit from extra premium advertising campaigns promoting the links and products posted about by our premium account holders.

Members are allowed to add structured content to improve ranking as well as the ability to embed YouTube videos and featured images inside their guest posts.

How to Get Your Content Promoted
Members can easily and effortlessly promote their content by earning credits from activities as outlined above or get the benefit of a DFY monthly premium subscription.

Credits earned from activities can be used to boost your guest post for more exposure and engagement. You can:
• Buy traffic with your CLX credits
• Buy banner ads with CLX credits
• Buy text links with CLX your credits
• Buy backlinks with your CLX credits
• Buy a top 10 keyword post with your CLX credit
• Exchange 100k CLX credits for $100

The aim is to grow the value of the activities until we established a 1CLX : 1 USD payout rate for site activities. The more activities completed daily by member the higher the rate of payout.

This is a program worth being a part of for any forward thinking business minded individual seeking the best outcome for their digital marketing.

Just quickly, before you download Wealth Awakening, we want to invite you to try our marketing program for 90% off for the trial period, where you'll discover the true method of delivering quality targeted traffic to you offer...

...Select One of Our Membership Option will only pay 10% of the regular monthly membership subscription to start you off and get you to see how the system work without having to pay in full.

Download Your Wealthy Awaken Below

CLIXLR8 ONLINE Wealth Creation Guide
Download Your Wealth Awakening Guide

Digital Marketing Wealth Creation

sign up now to start on your wealth creation journey today. Digital marketing when done right has the potential to generate immense wealth for anyone serious enough to follow through until all good things start to manifest. You will be rewarded retroactively for the time and effort you put in building your business.

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CLIXLR8 ONLINE - A Wealth Creation Strategy Network


About CLIXLR8 ONLINE Traffic. Leads. Success


CLIXLR8 Online - Get Paid In AltCoins In 7 Clear Easy Steps

The Easiest Way To Earn Coins With Ultimate Profit Builders Network Traffic System

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How Program Revenue Is Generated

  • Membership Subscriptions (the value is insane we over deliver)
  • Selling Advertising Space - Banners And Sponsored Content
  • Member Support For Products We Recommend In Our Newsletter
  • Advertising From External Sources With Member Partcipation
  • Site Partnership In Exchange for 90% Affiliate Commission


Activity Based Income Model

Members Earn Earn CLIX for Logging in (1 - 10), Reading Posts (1 - 5), Referring traffic (1 - 5), Referring sign-ups (5 - 50),  Referring Sales (25 - 90%), Viewing Videos (1 - 10), Posting Comments (1 - 5) and Sharing Links and Content to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Tumblr.

Kishana B. C.E.O,

Meet The C.E.O


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Benefit From Our Trafffic Generating Model

  • Yeah We Send You Safelist And Viral Mail Traffic (free members)
  • FaceBook Geo Location Based Targeted Traffic (Premium Offer)
  • Google Geo Location Based Targeted Traffic (Premium Offer)
  • Traffic From Top Ad Exchanges And Networks (Premium Offer)
  • Bing Ads Geo Location Targeted Traffic (Premium Offer)



Helping You With Your Marketing Goals

We all share the similar goal of getting as many eyes as possible on what you promote online and we are help to help with that. We offer a system of partnership with other like minded marketers who are will to engage your content by sharing it on the many marketing and social interaction platforms with their referrals, friends, family and contacts. Your engagement takes work and work should be compensated for as your time here helping to put the word out on behalf of fellow members is valuable and not to be discounted as contribution in helping others grow.


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Make US Your Marketing Partners For Success

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Get Daily Active Engagement On Your Offer?

We Are Looking For A Few Good Beta Testers To Sign Up And Work Through This  Program To Determine The Best Value We Can Offer To Our Members. 100% revenue generated will be shared with members.

Registered members earn guaranteed views by building up a click balance for various onsite activities such as referring members, logging in, reading, liking and commenting on posts, watching videos, joining our affiliate program and taking advantage of the offers we mail to you. You simply convert your clicks to cash, and,  if you don't wish to, you use them to generate traffic to the offers you post onsite and offsite. The price per click will fluctuate based on your activity streak so the more active you are the more your click price will increase. The most active members will make the most money from this program.


Make Money From Your Engagement

This program is in pre launch so everything becomes a give-away to the early members and beta-testers who are smart enough to capitalise on an opportunity with great potential and will make it big in the future.You become the owner of innovation.

Grab your clicks while they are worth under $0.01 per click and sell them at your discretion for Hundreds possibly Thousands of Dollars more.

Be that smart decision maker and have the last laugh by getting the jump on all the late comers as well as the doubters and procrastinators by taking action and sign up now.

We Plan To Launch On: Midnight EST November 18, 2017

Fill out your information on the register page to receive your own personal membership link so you can get ahead of the latecomers and start building your foundation for marketing success online:

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Download the Best Money Making Guides Found Anywhere Online Ever

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Sign up below and download your copy of Wealth Brain. We will mail you a coupon code for 30,000 bonus credits and if you're the first member to earn 100,000 credits this month you win $300.00

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Digital Marketing Affiliate Program


Get Paid To Help Us Cross The 10K Mark This Year

Attention: Member,

First you need to complete the following actions:

  1. Re-confirm your email subscription and next
  2. Whitelist Our Newsletter Email.So you don't miss special bonuses and updates
  3. Upgrade Your Membership To Premium. This still has an early bird offer but will be increased come April 19 to allow you to earn more from your commissions

Members joining from April 19 will choose a Bronze, Silver or Gold Premium Account.

Our target audience is aimed at business owners and individuals seeking to promote their business and products with SEO Content Marketing. There will be a distinction between members publishing content they can add monetization and advertisers who wish to promote their business and product line on the CLIXLR8 ONLINE Platform.

Affiliates you will earn from the premium membership referrals you send us as follows:

Bronze Premium - $48.50 paid per referral

Silver Premium - $98.50 paid per referral

Gold Premium - $148.50 paid per referral

Recommended Email Swipe You Can Use:


Come over and get paid in HELPING us to
meet our MODEST target of 10,000 new
CLIXLR8 ONLINE members for this year.

Effective April 19 this year you
will earn commissions as follow:

Bronze upgrade $48.50 paid monthly per referral 
Silver upgrade $98.50 paid monthly per referral
Gold upgrade $148.50 paid monthly per referral

Interested in recruiting for our online program?
Sign up today and start helping us to promote
You will earn significant income for your work.


You may use the above swipe and forward it to your email list to recruit members to the program and get paid good commission whenever they upgrade on the platform.


NOTE: Our membership options are now at an introductory low (free members will only earn credits) so it's best to take advantage of a premium membership at the low price being offered. See Our Membership Options Here

500 Bonus Clicks, Post Yours Ads, Get Paid For Content, Earn Cash and Traffic Rewards For Your Activities

Download Your Wealth Awakening System 3

Credit Based Income For Activity System 

You will earn CLX credits from all of your activities which you can convert to BITCOINS at 2 CLX : 1 Satoshi if you're a free member and for premium member your credits can be converted for up to 1 CLX : 5 Satoshi.

You can convert your credit to any other coin of your choice as we use Coin-Payments to make payment to members - Open Your Coin-Payments Account. We convert every 10,000 CLX credits earned from your activities to One ($1.00) Dollar - paid to qualifying members active for and average of 30 hours or earning 100,000 CLX from your activities each month - Tip #1 refer traffic to your own ads and get paid for the traffic. Post Your Ad Now to start earning.

Activity Based Income Conversion (Free and Premium)

Free and Premium Members Earn Earn CLX for:

  • Registration (1000 credits),
  • Login Daily (10 - 50 credits),
  • Reading Posts (10 - 75 credits),
  • Referring traffic (2 - 10 credits),
  • Referring sign-ups (100 - 750 credits),
  • Referring Sales (Free members - 25%; Basic-Pro - 50%; Gold Premium - 75%; Site Partner - 90%),
  • Viewing Videos (1 - 1000 credits),
  • Posting Comments (10 - 50 credits)
  • Plus credits for visiting and sharing Links and Content to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Tumblr.
  • Effective May 1, 2018 conversion rate 1 CLX : 5 Satoshi (Premium Offer)
  • Premium Bitcoin faucets paying up to 100,000 Satoshi Daily (Premium Members)
  • Spin & Win For Free Members Qualifying for cash bonuses and extra traffic rewards
  • After you login you will be redirected here to post you content to start a topic or promote your ad.
  • To read content, comment and share for credits and use your credits for cash and traffic go here
  • After you join please ensure you check out our referral contest to share $69,040.00 in cash prizes

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Before You Join Click Here To Get The Faq's

Premium Members Get A Full Service Advertising & Marketing Deal

You should opt for a Premium AccountYou will receive the all the above benefits plus what is available here

In addition we provide the following optional services any time you need it we're here to help you one on one :

Extra benefits for premium members who need help with their advertising and marketing 

  • If you support your business with a website we analyse your website in line with your business goals
  • Social media marketing influencing consultancy as we have described on our membership option page
  • Get paid 3x more than free members from the income generated from monetizing the content posted
  • Get your articles converted to videos and we have your videos optimized for more views and YT ranking
  • Lead generation from Solo Ads by our mailing your posts to 100,000 premium lists and viral mailers
  • Rewrite and SEO optimized your posts so your posts get higher ranking on the search engines SERP's
  • Get paid for clicks you send us when advertisers purchases solo ads if you send our ads to your list
  • Our Premium is affordable Bronze Premium $97.00 monthly ; Silver Premium $197 monthly and Gold Premium $47.00 monthly
  • After you join please ensure you check out our referral contest to share $69,040.00 in cash prizes

Special Founders Positions - Use Your Credits To Post Standard Ads Onsite

Sticky Page Login Ads Full Front Page 1 month unlimited display- 500,000 CLX credits

125 x 125 banner ad 1 month unlimited display front page 100,000 CLX credits

468 x 60 banner ad in login area 1 month unlimited display 250,000 CLX credits

728 x 90 banner ad on Post Offer page 1 month unlimited display 300,000 CLX credits

728 x 90 banner on Content List Display Page 1 month unlimited display 400,000 CLX credits

Send Your Post To min. 5000 Subscribers Maximum Three (3) Submissions Per Week (Just be Active)

(More Advertising Options To Come)

This website offers different and more diverse ways of marketing approaches rather than just marketing with the outdated method of using safe lists as a sole source method to advertise and market online.

Top Tip:

Best method to use to build your credit is to join our affiliate program after you join use your referral link to drive traffic and build your credit quickly easily, use that credit to get traffic and to buy advertising plus bonus cash for your site activity - it's easy and simple and will boost your marketing and earn an income for you:-

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Before You Join Click Here To Get The Faq's

After you join please ensure you check out our referral contest to share $10,000.00 in monthly cash prizes

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