Welcome to the 10KBusinessChallenge2020

The #10KBusinessChallenge2020 is designed to assist one hard working member of my membership with $10,000 in business financing which can be used to boost the operating assets in a business of their choice or an existing business they already own.

It has been designed upon the premise that as a group, we can make a combine effort to get the word on one of the best digital marketing strategic guide ever written by a specialist in the field.

The title of the book is "Digital Marketing Made Easy for the Small Business Owner" and is developed to serve as a "steady hand" that will serve to guide the uninformed (more or less the misinformed) and the misguide online marketer who is always rushing ahead without careful planning in a failed attempt to acquire untold riches from promoting useless information on the internet.

We Want You to Play a Role

Your role is simple: join the informed; make the right decisions and take the right action and prosper.

What we need you to do is offer your support in both acquiring the information (at a very affordable cost) and partner with us in getting the word out to as many people as possible. The more the better for all our members here as the sales will count towards the bonus commission (30% more on top in fact) you will receive from pitching in an helping to promote this guide.

The "Digital Marketing Made Easy for the Small Business Owner" Kindle book is available in all Amazon territories worldwide. With your Amazon associate tag you will more than likely be paid a measly 4% associate fee which is not encouraging to begin with so here's what we gonna do:

Simply screenshot your earning details from your earnings report, send it to me and I will match it with an additional 30%.

The Kindle book will sell for $9.99 and Amazon will be paying me around $6.00 per copy after deducting expenses therefore, I will spilt my dividend on a 50/50 basis with you. This is just a bonus as the main goal for you is to top our challenge and take home a respectable $10,000 as long as everyone here make an effort to get the word out.

How to Win the $10,000 Challenge

For you to win the challenge it's fairly easy and may only require an hour or so of your time each day but first there a few thing you need to put in place:

  • Ensure you have your amazon associate tag for the selected territories you wish to promote the book
  • Join Facebook group: DigitalMarketingMadeEasyfortheSmallBusinessOwner
  • Offer your support simply download your copy to learn more from the book.
  • Get one on one tips and training from me if you wish to promote using paid ads i.e Google ads, Bing ads, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit etc;

The challenge will run for 100 days from January 27 and consists of a number of micro tasks you must get done over the period. You will be notified by email from time to time as to what task is required for you to complete and within what timeframe to get the relevant task completed.

In order to facilitate the notifications we will be sending to you, we request that you sign up using the form below for you to be notified of pending arrangements.

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