101 Ways To Lower Blood Pressure Naturally


If you have been recently diagnosed with or already have high blood pressure, or know someone who has, you have landed in the right place. We spent years and gathered and tested information and methods on lowering blood pressure without pharmaceutical medication, (naturally), and with no side effects. As a result 101 Ways To Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally is the most complete reference to lowering blood pressure to date. Although we have not changed the name of the book as of 3-3-16 we are up to 138 ways to lower your blood pressure.

Some of these natural remedies go back a long time have been known for centuries, and are as old as the Asian culture itself. Which up until recently western medicine has ignored, but are now starting to admit that these remedies have merit. Others methods are more and recent discoveries brought about through science and a greater understanding of mother nature and the role we were meant to play in her plan. Still others combine techniques from old cultures with newer sciences and methods.

Arming yourself with knowledge by joining those of us who are in the know is the simplest and yet the most powerful single thing you can do to not only understand your high blood pressure but get it down to optimal levels.

Article Quote: "According to medical physiology textbooks, 95 percent of the causes of hypertension is idiopathic, meaning the underlying cause is unknown. This is simply not true. Hypertension is typically a symptom of insulin and leptin resistance. And the vast majority of those who have hypertension can normalize their blood pressure without resorting to drugs."

Article Quote: "Hypertension is also categorized as either primary or secondary hypertension. The former applies to about 90-95 percent of those with high blood pressure, and while the conventional medical establishment claim the cause is idiopathic or unknown, primary hypertension (aka essential hypertension) is more than likely linked to insulin/leptin resistance. Secondary hypertension applies to the remaining five to 10 percent whose high blood pressure is caused by chronic liver disease. The revised blood pressure guidelines issued late last year emphasize when and how doctors should treat high blood pressure. Pre-hypertensive patients should not be treated with blood pressure lowering drugs; rather, they should be encouraged to gain the knowledge and make changes to address their condition."

For the rest the price is $19.95 peanuts compared to what you will save on blood pressure medication

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